Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Forcing Passivation with Stateful Session EJBs on WebSphere IRAD 7.5 - EJB3

So, I'm actually trying to passivate my EJBs, and then activate them, but I can't seem to force WAS to do it.

I believe that with EJB 2.1, WebSphere did active passivation, so as soon as you invoked a method, the bean was passivated when invocation was finished. Then the bean was activated just before calling another method in it. So, it was easy to test an activation and passivation implementation.

But, with this version of Rational Application Developer, 7.5, it doesn't seem to be doing active passivation. Instead, passivation only seems to happen when the bean times out, and after being removed, any call to the timed out EJB instance triggers a HomeDisabledException.

All I want is my active-passivation back from the EJB Container in the WebSphere Application Server. Is that too much to ask?

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