Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Does EJB 3.0 Need to Support CORBA Components? What about IIOP?

I've seen a few questions bandied around about whether EJB 3.0, JSR 220 requires any support for CORBA. I've heard some say it doesn't, and I've heard others argue the point. Here's what it says on page 36 of the EJB Core Contracts Requirements Document:

"To help interoperability for EJB environments that include systems from multiple vendors, the EJB speciļ¬cation requires compliant implementations to support the interoperability protocol based onCORBA/IIOP for remote invocations from Java EE clients. Implementations may support other remoteinvocation protocols in addition to IIOP."

So, indeed, new Enterprise JavaBeans, through their container, must have some support for the CORBA based IIOP protocols so J2EE/JEE clients using CORBA can invoke them.

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